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Various Causes of Muscle Disorders that Need to Look Out for

Muscle disorders can interfere with daily activities. That's because muscles are an important part of the body's movement system that makes us able to move and move. Therefore, let's recognize, various causes of muscle disorders so that you can beware of it. This muscle disorder has a variety of symptoms that are easily recognized. Some muscle disorders are fairly mild and can be treated easily, even so, there are some disorders that you need to be aware of and cannot be underestimated. Some Causes of Muscle Disorders You Need to Know Disorders of the slightest muscle can certainly have an impact and affect our daily lives. Therefore, identify the following causes of muscle disorders: 1. Sprained Sprains are one of the most common causes of muscle disorders, especially when exercising and doing strenuous activities. This condition can occur when the muscles experience traction or twisting, both suddenly and slowly. Sprains often occur on the wrists and ankles, but
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The Importance of Meeting the Nutritional Needs of Pregnant Women

Ensuring that the nutritional needs of pregnant women are properly met is important to do. Besides being beneficial for the health of pregnant women, nutritional intake that is fulfilled properly is also able to support the growth and development of the fetus in the womb. In society, there is a myth that pregnant women should eat twice as much food for themselves and the unborn child. This perception is actually not quite right. and nutrition during pregnancy. How to Meet the Nutritional Needs of Pregnant Women Pregnant women are advised to consume more calories, but that does not mean they have to double the portion of food they consume. This is because overeating during pregnancy can increase the risk of excess weight gain, which can eventually lead to hypertension and gestational diabetes during pregnancy. Because the effects cannot be underestimated, pregnant women are advised to focus on the nutritional content of the food consumed. Ensure that the food consumed is healthy

Anatomy of the Human Bone from Head to Foot

Bone anatomy, consisting of hundreds of bones arranged from head to toe. Uniquely, all the bones are different from one another. Of course, all become one entity, forming the anatomy of human bones. Bones are useful for supporting and moving the body. Not only that, bones can also protect internal organs, store calcium and hold muscles. Recognizing the anatomy of bones, will help you understand the function of bones for the body in each location, and how to maintain healthy bones to support daily life. Know the Bone Anatomy Composition The following is the anatomy of bones in the human body. Bones in the head The bone structure in this part is often called the skull bone. Its function is to protect important organs in the body, namely the brain. In addition to protecting the brain, the bones on the head also form your face. The condition of a human skull when I was a baby was different when I was growing up. When born, the skull bones have not been fused to make it easier for